How to Download the Dental Monitoring (DM) app 

Click here to download DM from App store

Click here to download DM from Play Store


How to take excellent Dental Monitoring (DM) scans 

Step 1: Click the Activation Link sent by MyBracesClinic to your email.

Step 2: At MyBracesClinic, our DM Team will guide you on how to submit your first DM scan while on your Aligner 1 set.

Step 3: At the end of your aligner cycle (eg: 5 or 7 days cycle), you will receive a DM notification to submit your next scan while STILL ON ALIGNER 1 set.

Step 4: Wait for the outcome of your DM  ‘Analysis Report’ before moving to the next aligner set. This may take 6-10 hours.


Helpful Dental Monitoring tips:

  1. Set your preferred time to do DM scans via your ‘PROFILE’ in the DM app dashboard.
  2. We will add your parents as ‘GUARDIANS’ so that they can track your progress as well.
  3. Ask your parent, sibling or friend to help take the DM scans for you.
  4. Use the Messenger function within Dental Monitoring to ask clinical questions. Please call the Clinic for appointment scheduling.
  5. Watch this video for an EASY way to take a Dental Monitoring (DM) scan with cheek retractor correctly by yourself!

Click to download your complete guide to taking GOOD DM scans with a cheek retractor. 
Click here for your best guide on how to avoid BAD DM scans. 

We are looking forward to guiding your Invisalign treatment using DM scans today!

Speak to us about upgrading to the latest DM scan box, for clearer and faster DM scans.

Dental Monitoring Scan Box Pro