What every parent needs to know about braces for children

June 14, 2021

  When it comes to crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, dental braces are a possible treatment for adults, teenagers – and even children as young as seven years old. A child’s crooked teeth can lead to more serious dental problems in the future, such as excess wear on teeth and gums, tooth decays, and gum... View Article


Getting Braces? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes!

April 22, 2021

  Excited about getting dental braces to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth? Braces are great, but don’t rush into it! Before you decide and start on a braces treatment in Singapore, you should be fully informed about the costs involved, effort needed, length of treatment and braces that are recommended to you, to allow... View Article


Which type of invisible braces is best for me?

April 16, 2021

  Clear braces are the sought after option for those who want their teeth fixed in the most subtle fashion. While traditional metal braces are a happy-option for many,  you might prefer a treatment that doesn’t draw attention to your teeth and keeps you looking natural as always. There are multiple ‘invisible’ braces options to... View Article


Signs that You or Your Child Needs Braces

February 15, 2021

  Telltale Signs that You or Your Child Need Braces “Get that perfect, straight-teethed smile!” Dental braces are commonly thought to be used for aesthetics – a look-good, feel-good solution for your teeth. Indeed, braces do help to achieve a great smile, but they also do more than that – they help you keep your... View Article


Invisalign vs. Metal Braces: What’s the difference?

February 10, 2021

  Every patient has a unique preference for comfort and style, and a unique set of teeth that are best treated through different braces techniques – so it is best to know your options before you choose what braces to get for the next one to two years! You may have heard of the Invisalign... View Article