Incognito Lingual Braces

At MyBracesClinic, we understand the need for discretion so we provide Incognito™ lingual braces and the latest Brava Lingual Braces by Brius, right here in Singapore.
With these two systems, we hide the braces behind the teeth for a truly invisible solution.
Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing!

Avoid the hassle of taking aligners in and out.

Let fixed, hidden, lingual braces ‘do its thing’ to straighten your teeth 24hours, everyday!


What makes the Incognito™ Lingual braces unique?

Using the latest in CAD-CAM technology, Incognito™ Lingual braces and arch wires are 100% custom-made. This ensures the slimmest precision fit for patient comfort and accuracy. Every patient is unique: short teeth, long roots, deep pits, and grooves. Incognito™ is individualized to the characteristics of each patient. This makes it easy for the Incognito™ to effectively treat multiple bite problems and even jaw surgery cases.

Each Incognito™ bracket is of gold alloy! This allows for thin, highly-polished brackets for maximum comfort. Incognito™  brackets follow the natural contours of your teeth and have a low profile or thickness for minimal speech interference. Incognito™ arch wires deliver accuracy and precision because their bends and angles are calculated by complex algorithms and are bent robotically. These wires are made from a range of metals such as nickel titanium, stainless steel, Beta-Titanium, and TMA with different sizes and shapes depending on the complexity of each case.

Compared to fixed, ‘outside’ visible braces, there is a low risk of developing decalcification ‘white spots’ on the front of your teeth because Incognito™ is hidden behind your teeth. All your friends see are your natural teeth.

Incognito lingual braces

Dr. Poon Kee Hwang has trained under some of the most distinguished teachers of the Lingual Technique, including Dr Dirk Wiechmann (creator of the Incognito™ Lingual System) and Drs. Scuzzo and Takemoto for her Lingual Foundation. Dr. Poon Kee Hwang is a practicing lingual orthodontist with more than 15 years experience. She treats a wide variety of cases ranging from teens to adults, extraction, non-extraction, and even jaw surgical cases using the lingual technique.


With Dr Dirk Wiechmann at an Incognito™ Users Meeting

At the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics with Drs. Scuzzo and Takemoto

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