4 Problems You May Face with Orthodontic Solutions and How To Solve Them

13 June 2023

4 Problems You May Face with Orthodontic Solutions and How To Solve Them


A confident smile can do wonders to your appearance, and is the reason orthodontic solutions that help straighten teeth have seen an increase in demand. However, like any transformative journey, the path to a flawless smile is not always smooth and easy. We explore some common problems you may face during orthodontic treatment and provide practical solutions to help you resolve and overcome them. 


1. Broken Braces


Orthodontic braces are effective in correcting many dental alignment issues, but they may break during the course of your treatment due to the consumption of hard or sticky foods, accidental trauma, or wear and tear. 

When this happens, you should immediately contact your orthodontist to schedule an appointment for repair. Do not wait till your next braces appointment to rectify the problem.

In the meantime, you can use orthodontic wax to create a smooth surface around the broken wire to protect your gums, lips, or cheeks from getting poked, and stick to a soft food diet to prevent further damage.

While we do not recommend attempting to fix your broken braces yourself, you may trim away or use tweezers to move the pointed end away to protect your gums and soft tissues. 

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2. Loose Bracket or Band


Sometimes, the bracket or band of your braces may come loose due to hard or sticky food. If left unresolved, the band may detach from the tooth and fail to work properly in shifting your teeth to the desired position. This can prolong your orthodontic treatment. Contact your orthodontist or braces specialist as soon as possible to arrange for an appointment to get it repaired.


3. Aligners Don’t Fit


Although clear aligners are customised to your teeth and treatment plan, errors can occur during the design and production process, which can affect the shape of your aligners. If they are too loose or don’t fit your jaw well, communicate the issue to your orthodontist to get a new set of aligners made. 

At times, misaligned teeth or irregularities in the dental arch may also make it difficult for your teeth to fit perfectly into your clear aligners. In such cases, additional orthodontic interventions may be required before proceeding with aligner treatment.

Your clear aligners can also become warped, deformed, or damaged due to excessive pressure, exposure to heat, or incorrect handling. Do contact your orthodontist to get your clear aligners fixed or reissued if you face such problems. 


4. Retainers Are Too Tight


Retainers are dental appliances you wear to maintain the new position of your teeth after the active treatment phase. They can be too tight and cause discomfort during the initial adjustment period as your teeth and surrounding tissues need time to adapt to the new positions. Any teeth shifting after your orthodontic treatment can cause your retainers to not fit properly too. If the tightness persists past the natural adjustment period, do consult your orthodontist.

Issues may occur during orthodontic treatments, and it is crucial to always follow your orthodontist’s instructions and consult them if you notice any problems. 

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