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Traditional Colourful Fixed Braces

These familiar traditional metal braces are small, metal braces fixed onto the outer surfaces of your teeth with small colorful ties or modules over them to hold orthodontic wires in place.

Traditional metal brackets are designed to secure orthodontic wires in place, which are crucial for moving teeth. These wires can be compared to the ‘engine of a car’, while the metal braces are like the ‘car body and wheels’. Both components are essential for effective tooth movement.

With traditional metal braces, you have the freedom to express yourself. Mix and match colors to reflect your mood, show support for your school, or even coordinate with your best friend’s braces!

Worried about colorful braces being too loud or obvious for school or work?

There are discreet colors for modules, like silver and transparent, to blend with the metal brackets and wires.

Traditional metal braces have a long history from 1899 when Dr Edward H. Angle invented the E-arch. After a series of clever innovations, Dr Edward Angle’s invention of the Edgewise appliance in 1925 provided the foundation for modern orthodontics that we know today.

As traditional metal braces are stuck onto teeth, this is a great option to combat a lack of discipline with removable aligners.

Advantages of traditional metal braces are:

  • A great low-cost option to move teeth
  • A Tried-and-Tested method with a super long history
  • Offers precise, 3D control of tooth movement
  • Fun and colorful modules that can be customized and changed
  • Fixed onto teeth to apply tooth movement forces 24/7

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