How to wear Invisalign

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Congratulations! You’re on your way to straighter teeth and a better smile!

Here’s how to wear Invisalign for successful treatment outcomes. 


How to Put On or Remove My Aligners? 


Top Invisalign Tips to keep your treatment on the right track  

  1. First 48 hours of wearing a new set of aligners are the most crucial as your aligners are stiffest and hardest, ‘fresh’ from the pack!
  2. Aim for 20-22hrs of aligner wear DAILY or as prescribed by our Drs. 

  3. Remove aligners for meals to avoid aligner discoloration. Coffee, tea, curry, carrot juice, red wine etc. will stain aligners. 

  4. No super-hot drinks while wearing aligners to avoid softening them. 

  5. Put aligners back into the Invisalign box during meals.

  6. No wrapping of aligners in tissue paper! You will LOSE/ chuck them accidentally if you wrap aligners in tissue paper. 

  7. DO NOT smoke with your aligners on. This will stain the aligners BADLY.

  8. Chewies are great to ensure that the aligners sit well to move your teeth! Aim for no gaps between your teeth and aligners. Bite down and hold on Chewies for 2-3 seconds each time and ‘walk the chewies’ from Left to Right, Right to Left side of your mouth to ensure the aligners are properly seated. 
  9. Please keep 3-5 PREVIOUS sets of aligners as a standby, just in case you lose your aligner, we can move backwards. 


Is there a best time to Change My Aligners? 


What if I lose my aligner? 


How Do I Clean My Aligners?

aligner instruction
  • Brush your aligners twice a day with tooth brush and a little bit of NON ABRASIVE toothpaste.  Example of abrasive toothpaste: whitening toothpaste. 
  • While brushing your aligners, please only hold only one of the ‘legs’ of the aligner to avoid crushing your aligner.
  • Rinse your mouth and aligners  after meals before wearing aligners.
  • Do not soak or wash your aligners with Dettol or other household cleaning products. These products are poisonous, may change aligner properties and stain them.  
  • Disinfect your aligners using Retainer Brite tablets on three times a week
  • DO NOT soak aligners in warm water or leave them in the sun! 


Aligners too tight? 


Aligners jumbled up? 

  • Number references are at the bottom of each aligner. You should be wearing the SAME aligner number for the top AND bottom.










Rough spot on your aligner? 

aligner instructions
  • Please do not cut aligners!  
  • Try filing down the rough spot with an emery board or sandpaper.


Aligners cannot fit? 

 If your aligner pops out on one side/ fits poorly/ causes a lot of pain, do not force. Take a picture of the ‘problem’ aligner in your mouth and send it to us via email or call us for further assistance. 


Going for Invisalign Extractions:

It is OK to start wearing the aligners the next day after extractions, or at least at night to sleep for the next few days to prevent unwanted tooth movements. 

Aim to start full time aligner wear ASAP.

Please keep aligners and the teeth around the extraction site clean for good wound healing.


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