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iTero Intra-oral Scans

At MyBracesClinic, we embrace digital dentistry as it enhances our communications with patients. iTero intra-oral scans truly complement our belief that in everything we do, we can do better!

A faster record-taking process

As Orthodontists, it is essential to take complete and accurate records of our patients for proper examination, diagnosis, and treatment planning. In the past, when everything was analog and in hardcopy, taking orthodontic records was unnecessarily time-consuming. Just imagine posting a physical letter vs. sending an email. The time it takes to mix alginate materials, load mouth trays, pour stone models out in the lab, waiting for stone models to set vs. taking a light-based intra-oral scan for a digital model. Which would you prefer?

Totally safe, NO RADIATION used

Intra-oral scans are totally safe. No X-ray radiation is used at all, and is safe for pregnant mothers and children. iTero scanning is based on parallel confocal imaging technology using optical (light) and laser scanning to achieve accurate intraoral scans in full color. The flashing light from the iTero scan is totally safe for the eyes and can only be seen by the Orthodontist, Dentist, or Oral Health Therapist performing the scan.

iTero NIRI technology and pregnancy

No more goopy impressions!

MyBracesClinic uses iTero digital, intraoral scanners to replace traditional impressions. Our clinics are equipped with the latest All-in-One iTero Element 5D Plus intraoral scanner to improve the patient’s experience significantly. Patients see their teeth and bite in 3D views and real colors immediately! Alginate impressions can trigger the gag reflex of sensitive patients and are often the most dreaded part of record-taking. With intra-oral scanning, nothing feels like it’s going down your throat. Our Orthodontists, Dentists, and Hygienist use a scanner wand and move the wand gently over teeth and gums to capture 3D images of your teeth. It is a fun and fuss-free experience for everyone, even patients with a sensitive gag reflex. What a relief for both the patient and the parents!

iTero NIRI technology and pediatrics 1

Totally safe, NO RADIATION used

Our iTero 3D Scanner with NIRI technology reduces the need for X-rays. Dental radiographs remain essential for diagnosis and treatment planning, and we understand your concerns about radiation dosage. With the non-invasive near-infrared technology (NIRI), tooth decay can be detected even between teeth. This is an excellent alternative to dental x-rays for our younger patients who cannot stay still to accurately capture dental x-rays. Early detection of dental caries prevents painful, extensive, and expensive restorations.

Caries detection via iTero scanning is based on how near-infrared light interacts with sound, intact tooth enamel versus dental caries in enamel. Sound enamel will appear dark and even in the NIRI scan, while dental caries, which scatter and reflect the near-infrared light, will appear as a bright, white patch. Oftentimes, dental caries is detected in NIRI scans even before the decay becomes visible to the naked eye.

Niri tech

See your simulated new smile immediately

iTero scanners come with Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro, a highly realistic, simulated in-face visualization powered by advanced algorithms.  Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro provides a realistic simulation of our patient’s future smile and teeth within the patient’s own facial photo. This helps our patient visualize their potential smile outcome and allows further in-depth discussion on treatment options with our Orthodontists and Dentists.

Invisalign® Outcome Simulator provides our clinicians with intelligent software to move and simulate before-and-after teeth positions after orthodontic movement. Using Invisalign® Outcome Simulator tools, our clinicians can explain concepts and compare orthodontic treatment plan outcomes with patients at the first consultation.

Invisalign Smile Architect

Invisalign® Smile Architect is a smile design software in ClinCheck® that allows our Orthodontists to treatment plan cases requiring orthodontics and restorative dentistry like implants, crowns, veneers and aesthetic restorations. Invisalign Smile Architect allows ortho-restorative treatment planning in one seamless software so that our clinicians can communicate the orthodontic outcome to both the patient and the restorative Dentist or Prosthodontist.

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Invisalign Smile Architect

Invisalign Smile Architect

Invisalign Smile Architect is an intelligent, digital smile design software within Invisalign ClinCheck software that combines orthodontic and restorative treatment planning tools into one convenient platform.


Invisalign Smile Architect Invisalign Smile Architect is an intelligent, digital smile design software within Invisalign ClinCheck software that combines orthodontic and restorative treatment planning tools into one convenient platform.

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