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Kid's First Consultation

It is important to us at MyBracesClinic that your child’s first visit is a happy and pleasant experience.

This sets the foundation for a healthy mindset for future dental care appointments.

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Surprise! It’s earlier than you expect…

The American Association for Orthodontists recommends that your child’s 1st orthodontic consultation age is 7 years old!  At this age, there are enough permanent teeth in the mouth and jaw development for an Orthodontist to spot problems early. Orthodontic problems rarely self-correct. Therefore, it is important to spot them early before problems snowball into complex issues in the teenage years.

Your child’s first orthodontic screening appointment is not a long one.

The goal is to get kids familiar with the sights and sounds of a dental clinic and get to know our Dental Team in a fun and relaxed way.

We must adapt to the child’s needs and not push or rush into procedures at their first appointment.

Let’s identify potential orthodontic problems early and customize a dental care program for your child.

At MyBracesClinic, we understand the importance of limiting dental X-rays for growing kids. Therefore, we use the iTero digital intra-oral scanner for a 3D video-based evaluation of your child’s teeth and bite. Using Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI), our Orthodontic Team can capture your child’s teeth in real-time and detect inter-proximal tooth decay without X-rays. 

It is important for us to adapt to the needs of the child and not push or rush into treatment.

We aim to do the following:

  1. Count the number of teeth present. Any missing? Any extra? Are the adult teeth erupting too early or late?
  2. Are the teeth present in the right size, shape and position
  3. Are the teeth crowded or have gaps between them.
  4. Assess the need for Dental Xrays at this stage?
  5. Cavity risk assessment and discuss ways to prevent decay
  6. Any obvious dental decay or gum problems?
  7. Are there any abnormal soft tissue structures?
  8. Is the bite relationship of the upper and lower teeth normal?
  9. Identify bad oral habits early, such as thumb sucking or pacifier sucking and discuss ways to wean off.
  10. Is your child showing signs of mouth-breathing? Are there any dental contributions to airway obstruction?
  11. Understand and answer any worries you may have of your child’s teeth and bite.
  12. Evaluate the need for Early Orthodontic Interceptive treatment
  13. Plan follow-up care with a dentist or hygienist to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy for life.
  14. Schedule the next follow-up date and explain the purpose of that visit

1. Observe and absorb

A child learns best by observing a parent or an older sibling having a relaxed and enjoyable experience with our orthodontist, dentist, and oral hygiene therapist. No pressure to have anything done yet; just have them in the same room and absorb the good vibes. This is an essential first step.

2. Plan in advance

Identify the most conducive time for your child’s first visit with us. He/ she shouldn’t be too tired or too hungry.
From experience, early morning appointments are best for young children. Parents should also not be in a hurry to leave for another appointment as the anxiety often projects onto young kids.

Bring any referral letters, dental reports and xrays/ records taken before so that our appointment can be efficient and fast.

3. Come By to say Hi

You’re in the neighborhood? Driving or walking past the clinic? Do point out MyBracesClinic to your child. State in a brief, matter-of-fact and friendly tone that, ‘’We will be coming to this dental clinic for a check-up one day.’’. Even better, step in, and we’d love to say ‘Hi!’

There’s no need to go into the checkup details because at MyBracesClinic, we use kid-friendly terms to explain dental equipment and procedures! The best is not to confuse or frighten them.

4. Be positive

In your interactions with your child, do NOT use the word ‘Dentist’ as a threat or a punishment.

Do NOT sabotage your child’s first visit to see us. There is NO need to project your fear or nervousness about dental treatment onto your child. They will absorb it, affecting their perception of dentists and oral hygiene therapists even BEFORE seeing us.

Stay positive and neutral. You could say, ‘Sounds fun! Let’s find out together at your dental checkup!”

5. Read stories and Watch YouTube videos of First Dental Visits together

Many good cartoons on YouTube explain what to expect at a child’s first dental visit.
Here are some videos to check out together with your child. See you soon! =)

Sesame Street: Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Open Sesame Song
Peppa Pig The Dentist

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