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Troubleshooting Braces Issues

Problems with your braces?

Not to worry; it does happen. Here are some tips on managing common braces problems.

Broken Braces

Fixed braces are bonded onto teeth with a strong composite resin that helps braces stay on for a long period of time, even in an environment of high chewing forces.

Understanding Why Do Braces Break is important:

Factors that increase the risk of braces breaking include:

Teeth Factors:

  • Short teeth with little leeway between upper and lower teeth.
  • Teeth with a high gum line covering most of the tooth.
  • Oddly shaped teeth with an awkward bonding surface.
  • Teeth with non-natural surfaces like fillings and crowns.
  • Baby teeth
  • The last tooth in the line of braces.
  • Teeth next to spaces/ gaps.


  • Grinders and habitual teeth clenchers.
  • Ice cube crunching and chewing hard, crunchy food.


  • An unexpected hit to the mouth can knock out braces. 
  • Toothbrush accidents can also knock out braces.

What to do when braces feel broken:

  • Gently remove the very loose braces if it feels like it will dislodge completely from the wire. Use your fingers or eyebrow tweezers to grab the loose braces. Manage the exposed wire as discussed in the next section of poky wires.
  • If the loose piece is still on the main wire, stabilize it with a ball of braces wax.
  • Do call us at 6737 9797 (Holland V. branch) or 6530 3605 (Novena branch)  to schedule an earlier appointment to get you comfortable.

Poky wires

Poky wires are a nuisance as it is scratchy and can cause ulcers when they catch on the lip, cheeks or gums.

What to do with poky braces wire:

    • Treat the ulcer:
      • Dry the area with a tissue or cotton bud before applying a thin layer of ulcer cream over the ulcer. 
    • Painkillers will help to reduce swelling and discomfort.
    • DO NOT cut the wire yourself. The instrument you use to cut the wire may be dirty and lead to infection if you accidentally cut yourself. If the cutting instrument is blunt or bulky, you may cause more braces to break off and worsen matters.
  • Tuck the poky wire away.
    • If the poky wire is easily visible and it is soft and bendy, you may want to tuck it away with a rubberized end of a pencil.
  • Use a ball of braces wax to cover up the poky wire.
  • Call us at 6737 9797 (Holland V. branch) or 6530 3605 (Novena branch) to schedule an earlier appointment to get you comfortable. 

Swallowed Your Braces?

The braces are about the size of orange seeds and are made of surgical-grade stainless steel and porcelain. These small pieces of braces if dislodged, maybe accidentally swallowed.

What to do if I swallowed my braces:

  • If the loose braces are accidentally swallowed, it is usually passed out uneventfully at your next poo poo. Often, patients are unaware that they have swallowed loose braces.
  • However, if you experience discomfort and breathing difficulties, you MUST  head to the nearest medical doctor for an assessment and notify us ASAP.

Call us at 6737 9797 (Holland V. branch) or 6530 3605 (Novena branch) if you have questions.

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Dr Poon Kee Hwang & The Team at MyBracesClinic

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