Brace yourself: 10 ways to ease the pain during your braces treatment

16 July 2021

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Let’s face it – molar teeth extractions, metal fixtures on your teeth, and monthly tightening appointments. You are bound to experience some pain during the course of your dental braces treatment. Usually, the orthodontist will extract at least two or four of the molar teeth on the patient’s first appointment,  to create enough room in the mouth for the teeth to shift into an ideal position. After that, monthly braces appointments will involve gradual adjustments and tightening of the braces. 


Throughout the process, soreness  from the extraction and shifting of your teeth, and discomfort  from the contact between the braces and your cheeks, are common and to be expected. Fret not, there are many ways to ease the pain during your braces treatment in Singapore.  Let us walk you through the process and share 10 useful tips for making your braces journey less painful and a more enjoyable one! 


Recovering from molar teeth extraction


Moloar Extraction


Just after your molar extraction , you may not feel any pain because the anaesthetic will still be in effect. This also means that you will experience a very numb and swollen face, especially around your cheeks and up to your nose. To make your recovery process better and faster,  take your orthodontist’s advice and rest for at least 24 hours after your procedure. Eat soft foods like porridge, soup, or yoghurt to fill your tummy without having to put pressure on your extraction wounds. 


Once the anaesthetic wears out, you will likely feel tenderness or soreness in your gums, but this pain can be reduced by applying an ice pack to the side of your jaw. Definitely, don’t brush the area where your tooth has been extracted because it will not only hurt but may also result in a painful infection.


First braces appointment


Take The Pain Away


When your braces have been fixed onto your teeth for the first time, you can expect to feel discomfort and irritation at your cheeks and tongue. To prevent ulcers from forming, make use of the orthodontic wax that your orthodontist will send home with you on your first braces appointment. Simply mould the soft wax over the sharp edges of the braces that often rub against your cheeks or tongue, and remove the wax before you eat or brush your teeth. You don’t have to worry about accidentally swallowing some orthodontic wax too, as the wax is non-toxic and completely safe for use. 


Even with the orthodontic wax, you might still find ulcers growing painfully on your tongue or cheeks. The best way to take the pain away is with a simple home remedy: warm saltwater. Rinse your mouth often with warm salt water to relieve the pain and remove bacteria, to help your ulcers to heal faster. You can also use a mouthwash like Listerine to keep your mouth clean and healthy, lower the risk of infections and keep the ulcer pain to a minimum.


Monthly braces appointments


Best Pain Relief for Monthly Braces


Dreading the strain you will feel each time you have your braces tightened? The pain you experience might not be as bad or last as long as someone else’s – it depends from person to person, and case to case. If you do feel that the pain is too much to bear, oral anaesthetics are a good solution. Oral anaesthetics are gels that can be applied to your gums in order to numb the pain. You can swab a thin layer of gel over your gums with a finger or cotton bud and feel the throb or soreness gradually go down. Ice packs and ice-cold drinks are also a quick and easy way to numb your gums and take away the pain. Just apply an ice pack to your jaw or take a drink of cold water! 


For some who experience bad pain in the first one or two days, over-the-counter painkillers are the go-to for the best pain relief. However, painkillers are not a long-term solution. Should you find that you are experiencing overwhelming pain, visit your orthodontic clinic to have your teeth checked. 


Overall, adjusting to your braces takes a little bit of time, but you’ll get used to it soon enough. After the first few weeks, the pain will mostly be felt within the few days after your monthly braces appointments, and won’t bother you the rest of the time. Use these tips to ease the pain and best enjoy your braces journey! 


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