After Dental Extraction/ Operation Care

Dear Patient and Parents,                                             

Well Done! You have successfully completed a small surgical procedure today. 

While you are still comfortably numb from the local anesthetic, here are a few post-op instructions to get you through the next few days: 

Place a piece of folded gauze over the wound and bite down firmly for 20 minutes to stop the bleeding. Tuck the gauze neatly on the socket and close your lips around it. Do not let the gauze stick out of the mouth like a cigarette. Change the gauze if it gets too wet and bite firmly for another 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary. If active bleeding (thick bright red blood and clots) persists despite a few tries, please call the clinic number during office hours or head down to the nearest hospital A&E department after office hours.   

For Invisalign Extractions:

It is ok to start wearing the aligners the next day after extractions, or at least at night to sleep for the next few days to prevent unwanted tooth movements. Aim to start full time aligner wear ASAP. Please keep aligners and the teeth around the extraction site clean for good wound healing.


Instructions for Microimplants (TADs)

Dental Microimplant TADs Miniscrew

Microimplants or miniscrews are tiny temporary anchorage devices (TADs) placed intraorally to increase treatment efficiency. 

Follow all the instructions listed above and remember to:  


If you have been given a review appointment, please attend. If you are unable to come, do call the clinic for an alternative date. 

Call us at 6737 9797 during office hours should you encounter any problems or have any questions. 

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Cheers always, 

Dr Poon Kee Hwang & The Team at MyBracesClinic