Invisalign Instructions

Dear Patient, 


You’re on your way to straighter teeth and a better smile! Here are some tips to ensure you are on the right track…  

Putting on aligners – Aim for the front teeth first, and slowly walk your fingers down to the last tooth at the back. Watch out for your inner cheek. 

Removing aligners – Feel for the inner corner of the aligner at your last tooth. Use your fingernail to pull it off towards your cheek in a letter ‘Ç’ action.  

Always use your Chewies to ensure that the aligners sit well to move your teeth! Aim for no gaps between your teeth and aligners. Bite down and hold on your Chewies for 3 seconds each time and ‘walk the chewies’ from Left to Right, Right to Left side of your mouth to ensure the aligners are properly seated. 

 First 48 hours of wearing a new set of aligners are the most crucial. 

Coffee, tea, curry, carrot juice, red wine etc may stain aligners. Use a straw! 

No super-hot drinks with aligners on to avoid softening them. 

Put aligners back into the Invisalign box during meals. No wrapping of aligners in tissue! You will LOSE them if you wrap aligners in tissue paper. 

DO NOT smoke with your aligners on. This will stain the aligners BADLY.


When Must I Change My Aligners? 

9. Follow the prescribed days of per aligners with 22hrs of aligner wear DAILY. 

10. In school, wear your aligners even during your breaks/ recess/ PE. Consider wearing your aligners for meals in school but remember to gargle and brush after meals! No colored food stuff and carbonated drinks please. Think of the stains and dental caries….

11. Aligner change should be done after dinner, after brushing your teeth. This allows new aligners to sit undisturbed for a long period of uninterrupted time to efficiently transfer forces to move your teeth especially while you are asleep.  

12. When you upgrade to your next set of aligners, expect some tightness but they should still be fitting. If your aligner pops out on one side/ fits poorly/ causes a lot of pain, do not force. Take a picture of the ‘problem’ aligner in your mouth and send it to us via email or call us for further assistance. 


How Do I Clean My Aligners

  • Brush your aligners twice a day with tooth brush and a little bit of NON ABRASIVE toothpaste.   
  • Rinse your mouth and aligners before wearing them after meals.  
  • Do not soak or wash your aligners with Dettol or other household cleaning products. These products are poisonous, may change aligner properties and stain them.  
  • Disinfect your aligners using Retainer Brite tablets. 
  • DO NOT soak aligners in warm water or leave them in the sun! 


Aligners too tight? 


Aligners jumbled up? 

  • Number references are at the bottom of each aligner. You should be wearing the SAME aligner number for the top AND bottom.










Rough spot on your aligner? 

  • Please do not cut them!  
  • Try filing down the rough spot on the aligner with an emery board or sandpaper.


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Cheers always, 

Dr Poon Kee Hwang & The Team at MyBracesCl 

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