How an orthodontist can help me sleep better?

If you suspect your spouse suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), let us help YOU sleep better! You deserve a good night’s sleep too.

Sleep apnoea is a multi-factorial problem and we work with several specialists (ENT, Paediatric Doctors and Oral Surgeons) to ensure proper diagnosis and management. Management of OSA should always start from the cause or contributing factor for your OSA. It is a team effort. It starts from you maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle and treatment is broadly divided into non-surgical or corrective surgical approach.
An Orthodontist’s conservative, non-invasive and discreet management of OSA:An Orthodontist can help OSA patients by prescribing a customised Mandibular Advancement Splint to help open up your airway while you sleep. This is a custom-fitted medical-dental appliance that gently postures your lower jaw and the tongue base forward while you sleep to open the posterior airway. Patients who have mild to moderate OSA love it for its small size, portability and discreet look.

Coordinate bite correction for Jaw surgery for OSA.

Patents with moderate to severe OSA may require Telegnathic Surgery to permanently advance both the upper and lower jaws, as well as the chin, so as to achieve a dramatic opening of the airway to help patients breathe better. Jaw surgery for sleep apnoea is an option when conservative alternatives have been unsuccessful or are too cumbersome and troublesome for patients to use on a long-term basis. When patients present with a short lower jaw and a retrusive chin, jaw surgery for sleep apnoea can target such contributing factors.

With telegnathic surgery, jaw correction will change the way your teeth fit together. Therefore, an orthodontist can help with OSA management by coordinating with our highly experienced, specialist oral surgeons to help you breathe better, sleep better, look better and bite better!