Why you need a customized sports mouth guard?


Studies have shown that if your front teeth stick out more than 6mm, you will have a 3 times greater risk of trauma.

If you play contact sports and high impact games, plus your front teeth sticks out, you are at much greater risk of teeth trauma. Wearing a sports mouth guard and correcting protrusive front teeth with Dentofacial-Orthopedics for growing children or braces will certainly help to reduce your risk of teeth trauma. Like the wise saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

An ideal mouth guard should protect your teeth and gums, fit well, allow easy breathing, and be really comfortable so that you can focus on your game.

A customized mouth guard ensures a proper fit to your unique teeth and bite (be it straight, crooked or with some baby teeth). Can you imagine trying to play your game and at the same time, bite down on a loose fitting, awkward mouth guard and rocks around your mouth, possibly ulcerating your inner cheeks?A customized mouth guard allows us to vary the protection you need depending on the type of sports you play (rugby vs soccer etc) and ensure that the protection extends comfortably to protect the gums and bone surrounding your teeth.

Another great plus is that your customized mouth guard can be personalized with different colors too. Well, the colors do not confer any additional trauma protection but it sure does look cool to have team colors or colors that reflect your personality!

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