Brava Lingual Braces by Brius

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Brava Lingual Braces by Brius is debuting in Singapore, at MyBracesClinic!


The arrival of Brava Lingual Braces by Brius is like the arrival of the 1st iPhone into the world!

Revolutionary, extraordinary, and brilliant.

Combining precision metallurgy, AI, and orthodontics, the result is an orthodontic system like no other!


Not braces. Not aligners. INDEPENDENT MOVERS.


Brava Bruis lingual braces on teeth


What makes Brava Lingual Braces by Brius special?

Brava lingual braces are crafted out of pure Nickel Titanium, super lightweight metal with excellent shape-memory, spring back and elasticity. No wonder NASA uses it in space shuttles!

By leveraging the unique properties of Nickel Titanium and 3D metal printing, the various treatment stages of orthodontic tooth movement can be combined. This makes treatment more efficient and saves treatment time for the patient!

It is a unique, customized solution that takes into account:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Root morphology
  • Root surface area

to calculate precision force and moments for every tooth for each patient.

This creates a truly bespoke appliance that delivers gentle force levels customized to the patient.

Brava Lingual Braces by Brius

ONE wire. Minimal appointments.

Gentle, precision tooth movements.


How does Brava by Brius work?

From a thin, flat anchor bar hidden behind your teeth; thin, flexible arms stretch up to engage individual crooked teeth. Nickel titanium’s excellent shape memory property, gently and efficiently brings crooked teeth to their ideal position, all at the same time! This makes treatment more efficient, potentially reducing treatment time for our Brava by Brius lingual patients.

Using AI to pre-program and biomechanics into one Nickel-Titanium wire, MyBracesClinic is able to eliminate repeat appointments for wire changes and the discomfort associated with the wire-changing appointment!

Is Brava by Brius better than Invisalign?

Brava by Bruis aims to overcome the limitations of Invisalign. Invisalign is a removable, transparent appliance. This gives the patient the freedom to take aligners off at any time, unfortunately, this freedom comes at a price of treatment efficiency if the discipline of aligner wear is poor. Aligners must be worn 20+hrs/day, every day. If not done, then teeth will not move or worse, start to relapse towards their original position! For some patients, this commitment is difficult.

Invisalign needs tooth-colored attachments placed on teeth to allow force transmission and to hold the aligners down. Some patients do not like the appearance of Invisalign attachments. If there is a small gap or unseat between aligners and teeth, some patients also do get self-conscious about it.

Brava by Bruis is hidden behind teeth for a truly aesthetic appliance. Each arm engages each tooth so that light, gentle forces are applied from behind to move all the teeth 24/7! There is no running to the washroom to remove aligners before meals or trying to remove aligners ‘discreetly’ at the table.

Who should use Brava by Brius?

  • Patients who want truly invisible braces treatment.
  • Patients who find wearing removable aligners a chore.
  • Patients that want braces treatment to mostly “do its thing”.
  • Patients who find it difficult to remember to wear aligners again after meals or lose aligners easily.
  • Patients who want fast treatment with much fewer appointments.
  • Patients who are based overseas and want a treatment that requires minimal wire activation.
  • Floss as per normal with the Brius lingual system as the individual arms do not block dental floss or any other cleaning aids.

Dr Medhi Dr Poon Kee Hwang Brava lingual braces by Brius Dr. Poon Kee Hwang has 15+ years of lingual orthodontic experience.

To date, Dr Poon has successfully treated a wide range of cases such as extraction, non-extraction, and jaw surgery cases using the lingual orthodontic technique. Her lingual patients range from teens to senior adults.  Brava by Brius is a natural progression for Dr. Poon Kee Hwang and she is currently using Brava by Brius on non- extraction, extraction and surgical cases.

Dr. Poon Kee Hwang is excited to work with Dr. Mehdi Peikar, the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Co-Inventor, and Co-Founder of BRIUS Technologies to craft healthy and beautiful smiles for discerning patients who want THE ‘crowning glory’ in orthodontics.


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