Baby Bonus Clinic

MyBracesClinic is an Approved Baby Bonus Institution to use your child’s Baby Bonus to pay for dental treatment.

You can even use one child’s Baby Bonus to pay for their sibling’s dental treatment!

Make an Appointment today to make the most of your child’s Baby Bonus.

Here are some FAQs regarding Baby Bonus Scheme and dental treatment:


How do I use Baby Bonus to pay for my child’s braces treatment?

Do bring along you NRIC and your child’s birth certificate as according to MCYS rules, our clinic staff needs to verify the relationship between you and your child.


Do I need to bring my child’s birth certificate for every dental appointment?

You only need to bring your NRIC and child’s birth certificate ONLY at the FIRST appointment.

Once our clinic staff has verified your relationship and keys this into our system, you DO NOT need to bring these documents for subsequent dental appointments.


Can I use my child’s Baby Bonus to pay for dental treatment of my OTHER child?

Good news, Yes you can! Plus there is no age limit for siblings who wish to use the Baby bonus of another sibling. Example: you can utilize the Baby Bonus of your 6 year old child to pay for braces or orthodontic treatment of your 16 year old, older child.
You MUST bring the birth certificate of BOTH siblings to allow us to verify their sibling relation in accordance to MCYS rules.


How do I pay for dental treatment using my child’s CDAC/ Baby bonus?

Please bring along the NETS-CDA card that is linked to your child’s baby bonus account and ensure adequate funds. Any balance fees can be paid with CASH, Credit Card or NETS.


I have more questions regarding the use of Baby Bonus to pay for dental treatment, who do I call for help?

For more information and details, do contact:
Baby Bonus and Leave Branch
Baby Bonus hotline: 1800 253 7707
(+65) 6253 7707 (Monday till Friday: 8.30am-5.45pm)