What’s wrong with my smile?

Diagnose My Smile helps to describe, illustrate and explain some common jaw shape and bite concerns that you may have.

To use Diagnose My Smile is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Choose any facial frontal or facial side profile issues that you may have (skip to Step 2, if you have no facial concerns).

Step 2: Select as many dental concerns that may be troubling you.

Step 3: View your Smile Problem List!

Understanding your smile and bite problems is the first step towards achieving a healthy and beautiful smile.

Please be aware that Diagnose My Smile does not provide any clinical diagnosis.

To discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan options in detail, please consult with our Specialist Orthodontist who will patiently discuss these points with you.

Step 1: Choose Jaw Shape

Long Jaw Skeletal

Short Jaw Skeletal

Open Bite Skeletal

Protrusive Full Lip Skeletal

Crooked Left Face

Square Jaw Skeletal

Crooked Right Face

Short Face Skeletal

Step 2: Select Teeth Problems




Deep Bite

Crooked Teeth

Cross Bite

Teeth Gaps

Missing Teeth

Impacted Teeth

Baby Teeth Still

Scissor Bite

Crooked Bite

Step 3: Click to Submit and view Problem List