To speed things up…

Two of the most important questions on everyone’s mind when they start braces treatment are…

  1. “When will I be done?”
  2. “What can I do to speed things up?”


Top 6 Tips for Speedy Treatment

  1. Minimize braces and Invisalign attachment breakages, as repairs will need to be done before movement resumes.
  2. Watch your diet and chewing habits to avoid distorting the arch wires or popping the brackets. When the wire distorts or gets bent out of shape, its like a train track derailing: movement slows down and eventually grinds to a halt. If the bracket is popped off the tooth, that tooth won’t move as planned.
  1. Come for regular appointments. This keeps teeth moving on track and on target.
  2. Follow instructions and guidelines. Usually there will be periods of braces elastic wear or other auxillaries. These need to be worn according to instructions to achieve optimal results. Use our Elasti-Cam function to help you remember how to use them.
  3. Keep things clean. Poor oral hygiene leads to gingivitis and tooth decay needing additional sessions to get your dental health back. Plaque and calculus/ tartar build up in bracket slots and around wires slow down tooth movement by jamming things up.
  4. Invisalign patients will benefit from the use of aligner chewies to expedite tooth movement. These chewies help to fully seat aligners down to effectively transfer forces to move teeth.


Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) or Microimplants

TADs or micro implants are small bone anchors that are very useful to speed up treatment and accomplish results that cannot be done by brackets and wires alone. In situations of difficult tooth movement or when heavier forces are required or when the direction of force application is difficult to achieve with braces alone, TAD’s are nifty support auxiliaries that we can deploy to aid us. By being a much-needed structural support for difficult tooth movement, treatment time can be shortened. TAD’s are temporarily placed to move teeth. This involves a simple and fast procedure done under light local anesthetic. Once its mission is accomplished, it is removed via a simple procedure.



Propel™ uses localized micro-osteoperforations to induce Regional Acceleratory phenomenon, which has been clinically proven to expedite orthodontic tooth movement. This involves a simple and fast procedure done under light local anesthetic. The acceleratory effects of Regional Acceleratory phenomenon last for 16 weeks. Find out more from:


Medical Grade Devices™


AcceleDent™ is an FDA approved, medical-grade device that is designed to expedite tooth movement via calibrated gentle micropulses to accelerate bone remodeling, essential for tooth movement. Talk to us to understand how AcceleDent™ can help speed your braces treatment. You can find links to journal articles and research papers on AcceleDent™‘s website.