Are Dental Xrays Safe?

Nervous about taking Dental X-rays? It’s natural for patients and parents to be concerned about the radiation dosage of dental x-rays and worry whether the process is painful. Rest assured, that taking X-rays is almost as easy as taking a selfie (it just takes a little longer).This image, with data from BBC, Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia, illustrates the safe, low radiation dosage of dental x-rays. In addition, at MyBracesClinic, we use a lead apron and thyroid shield as X-ray protection for our patients while taking X rays.

The American Dental Association highlights the important role of dental X-rays for proper diagnosis and treatment planning and also explains the safety of dental x-rays. A dental panoramic x-ray is ~0.01mSV compared to 0.1mSV for a chest Xrays.

In other words, you will need 10 dental panoramic x-rays taken at the same visit to equal just a single chest x-ray!

With this digital information on hand, our Specialist Clinicians and Dentists can then discuss in detail the findings, diagnosis and the pros vs cons of the various treatment plans possible for you.
Do ask us questions regarding your treatment plan options. We are here to clarify your doubts and assist you in choosing the treatment option that best suits your needs.


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