Are Dental X-rays Safe?


Nervous about taking Dental X-rays? 

It’s natural for patients and parents to be concerned and ask, ‘ Are dental x-rays safe?’. What is the radiation dosage of dental x-rays and worry whether the process is painful. Rest assured, that taking X-rays is almost as easy as taking a selfie (it just takes a few seconds longer).

The Image Gently Alliance provides information that highlights that there is no conclusive evidence that radiation from dental X-rays directly causes cancer but nevertheless growing children and pregnant ladies should be protected from unnecessary radiation exposure.


Why take dental x-rays for?

X-ray Showing Dental Disease



Dental X-rays helps with pinpointing the source and severity of underlying dental disease and how close dental disease has spread to neighbouring structures. In orthodontics, dental x-rays are important to determine jaw relationship, shape and size; the location of unerupted teeth and any other pathologies. With this important digital information on hand, our Specialist Clinicians and Dentists can then discuss in detail the findings, diagnosis and the pros vs cons of the various treatment options possible for you.

This dental peri-apical x-ray shows dental caries encroaching the nerve chamber of the tooth, aggressive gum disease with subgingival calculus and 50% bone loss and root stump hiding below the gums.


The American Dental Association stressed the important role of dental X-rays for proper diagnosis and treatment planning and also explains the safety of dental x-rays. A dental panoramic x-ray is ~0.01mSV compared to 0.1mSV for a chest Xrays.

In other words, you will need 10 dental panoramic x-rays taken at the same visit to equal chest x-ray!

Effective Dose Exposures from Medical Examinations and Procedures from American Dental Association

(Pic from the American Dental Association)


How MyBracesClinic minimizes dental radiation risk to you and your child:

At MyBracesClinic, we understand the importance to reduce dental radiation exposure to your child and use the following strategies:

  • We indicate for dental imaging when there is a clear dental indication and diagnostic benefit from it.
  • X-rays are taken on ‘Children Settings’ to ensure kid-sized radiation dose.
  • X-rays are taken on the fastest possible exposure settings to minimise the time taken to take x-rays.
  • Lead aprons and thyroid shield as X-ray protection are used while taking X rays.
  • Dental x-rays are avoided in the 1st Trimester of pregnancy unless absolutely necessary.

Do ask us questions regarding your concerns, we are here to clarify your doubts and assist you in choosing the treatment option that best suits your needs.