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Dental Monitoring at MyBracesClinic

For our overseas patients, MyBracesClinic provides Dental MonitoringTM, the world’s first monitoring solution in orthodontic care. MyBracesClinic embraces technology that makes communication clearer and treatment more efficient with fewer in-clinic appointments needed for our overseas patients.

The objective for Dental MonitoringTM of our overseas braces patients is to allow patients of MyBracesClinic to return home to their daily activities quickly while having the reassurance that their orthodontic care is under constant supervision by the team at MyBracesClinic.

Using your smart phone camera and the Dental MonitoringTM app, tooth movement data is processed by the Dental Monitoring Notification Center. Our team at MyBracesClinic then reviews your treatment progress as it happens anywhere in the world!  You always stay connected with MyBracesClinic.


Treatment for overseas braces patients

At MyBracesClinic, for our overseas based patients, we like to pair Invisalign clear aligner treatment with Dental MonitoringTM. The clear and removable aligners of Invisalign makes braces treatment comfortable and manageable. There is almost zero emergency appointments as there are no wires that poke and no brackets that break. Cleaning is easy! Just remove the aligners for your regular oral hygiene.

Overseas cases that we have treated with Invisalign and Dental MonitoringTM include:

With Invisalign and Dental MonitoringTM, the possibilities are endless!

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