What is Surgery First Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Before we discuss Surgery First Corrective Jaw Surgery, we need to understand past methods of performing braces for jaw surgery or surgical orthodontics.

Let’s look at a long jaw patient who needs jaw surgery as an example.

To chew and bite better, patients with jaw imbalances often have teeth that are positioned to compensate for this. In a long jaw patient, this means that the upper teeth lean forward and the lower teeth lean backwards to try and meet.

Traditionally, a patient who needs jaw surgery undergoes braces before surgery to move teeth out of their compensated position. This will reveal the true severity of the jaw imbalance which means that the bite and the face gets way worse before it gets better by jaw surgery correction.

This treatment sequence of traditional jaw surgery braces is often a difficult period for patients as they grapple with increased difficulty in eating, speech problems and a worsening profile. Patients with long jaws often wait a long time for growth to end to start treatment. Therefore it’s a bitter pill to swallow if they undergo traditional dental decompensation before getting the facial correction they want.

Fast forward to today.

So, What is Surgery First Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Patients with jaw imbalances are first corrected with jaw surgery and then the teeth are moved into their correct relationship (dental decompensation) after surgery. In this way, patients enjoy early facial correction without having to go through the traditional method of removing inbuilt dental compensation before corrective jaw surgery.

After jaw surgery, Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP) that occurs in response to the noxious stimuli, increases the healing capacities of the affected jaw bone and soft tissues. By understanding this natural phenomenon that occurs after every jaw surgery, our braces specialists can effectively and efficiently move teeth into their correct position post-surgery.

MyBracesClinic provides braces for surgery first corrective jaw surgery in Singapore. We work in close partnership with Specialist Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons to provide a multi-disciplinary team approach necessary for successful treatment. We understand that this is a big discussion in your life, so bring your loved one at your first consultation with us. We would be happy to answer your questions and share our cases with you for discussion.

Jaw Surgery First Illustration