After Braces Instructions

Dear Patient,  


You’re on your way to straighter teeth and a better smile! 

All patients feel strange and awkward initially but everyone gets used to braces in a few days. Here are a few tips to ease you in… 

I feel Weird 


Will there be discomfort? 

post bonding
  • Patients do get ulcers from new braces. Sleeping on the side of your face, can cause ulcers to develop on that side. Use braces wax at bedtime to reduce ulcers from developing! 
  • Applying the prescribed ulcer cream onto the ulcer helps! These ulcers gradually disappear as your mouth gets used to them.  
  • Use braces wax! Wrap up any ‘bulky’ braces areas with wax to buffer against ulcers. Watch our ‘Braces Wax’ video here.
  • Drying the braces first helps the braces wax stick better to it. 
  • For the first 3-5 days, as your teeth start to move, it is normal to feel discomfort when you chew.  
  • Soft diet and taking the prescribed painkillers will help. 
  • Teeth that are moving from crooked to straight will feel ‘shaky’. This is normal. 


What should I Not Eat? 


How do I clean?

post bondings   





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Dr Poon Kee Hwang & The Team at MyBracesClinic