Your First Visit @MyBracesClinic

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Here’s what to expect at your 1st appointment:

How long will it take?    

We place great importance and emphasis on your first appointment with

us. We want to get to know you; understand your concerns and

lifestyle needs. It will typically take 60-80 minutes to have enough time for:

What will happen at my first appointment?

Your first appointment begins with registration, followed by taking of digital records such as:

  1. Intra-oral photos of your teeth and gums
  2. Extra-oral photos to assess facial structure, symmetry and proportions.
  3. 3D intraoral scan
  4. Digital X-rays to diagnose teeth and gum disease, jaw structure and airway problems
  5. Growth parameters (if applicable)

Who needs to come?

Do note that patients below 21 years old require parental consent at their first consultation before treatment can commence.

If you are having a consultation for Jaw Surgery Braces, do bring your family or loved ones that may have questions too.

What happens next?

We will wrap up by doing the following:

  1. Customize the chosen treatment plan that best addresses your concerns and balances with your lifestyle needs.
  2. Draw out a step-by-step timeline that maps out your treatment journey with us
  3. Discuss and finalize financial options
  4. Book your next appointment to take you forward in your smile journey with us!

What to expect at Orthodontic Consult at MyBracesClinic Singapore