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MyBracesClinic is a Specialist Orthodontic clinic that delivers gentle and speedy orthodontic care for you and your family.

We consider each patient’s concerns and offer solutions that cater specifically to you. Our wide range of treatment options are suited for different lifestyles – and include the Damon Braces, Incognito Lingual Braces, and Invisalign Aligners.

Truly a digital clinic, we use the most recent digital intraoral scanners, like iTero, to take 3D images of your teeth instead of using uncomfortable traditional methods. Your treatment plans are customized and shared with you through email so that you are always kept in the loop.

Our clinic is certified Invisalign Diamond provider for 3 consecutive years, led by Dr Poon Kee Hwang and Dr Chong Hui Theng. As a mother themselves, Dr Chong and Dr Poon are great with kids and aims to provide the most hassle-free treatments for both parents and children.

At MyBracesClinic, we aim to eliminate emergency visits and have fewer appointments for our busy patients yet maintaining our high standards. How is this possible? Come experience the magic at MyBracesClinic!

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    Invisalign is used by our experienced Orthodontist and braces dentist to straighten teeth and correct bad bites for adult, teens and even kids!

    It’s the braces-of-the-future and here’s why!

    Customized Just For You

    Invisalign is 100% customizable! Our specialist orthodontist treatment plans and designs your aligners to correct your unique bite and teeth problems. Kids as young as 7 can benefit from Invisalign as it is designed to adapt to growing smiles.

    Avoid Dental Extractions

    Good news! There is an alternative to extracting teeth. Invisalign is designed to efficiently and gently create space to straighten teeth and solve your bite problems. This removes the fear that stops most patients from getting their teeth fixed.

    Fewer Appointments

    Adults are busy people. The fewer appointments, the better! Invisalign in-clinic appointments can be stretched to 2-3 months, without compromising quality of care. Invisalign is also designed to have nothing to break or poke. This removes unwanted emergency visits.



    Clear and transparent Invisalign aligners can hardly be seen! Hide the braces, Not your smile!


    Invisalign aligners are totally removable. This gives you the freedom to enjoy that hot date or nail that important presentation!


    Thin and flexible Invisalign aligners do not rub against lips and cheeks. No more painful ulcers!


    Invisalign force levels are designed and calculated to be low and evenly distributed. No more achy teeth!


    At MyBracesClinic, we love all age groups and it shows! With TV’s in the ceiling, upbeat music in every room and our cheerful, gentle staff, we aim to create a relaxing and fun environment for all our patients!


    By being open, inclusive and engaging in her approach, it’s easy to see why patients are comfortable with Dr Poon Kee Hwang.


    Dr Poon Kee Hwang is a highly experienced Invisalign Diamond Provider. She is also an Invisalign Speaker, teaching local and international Orthodontists and General Dentists.

    No Goopy Impressions

    No one likes taking traditional dental impressions! MyBracesClinic uses the latest iTero digital scanner to take 3D images of anyone’s teeth instead. Say cheese….

    Smile big, smile confidently!

    Invisalign is ideal for people of all ages—kids, teens and adults.

    My BracesClinic is committed to helping you and your kids to achieve your perfect smile easily and comfortably.


    At MyBracesClinic, we understand that adults are busy people ! Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to have Orthodontic treatment with:


    1. No pain
    2. No emergency visits
    3. No monthly visits to the Clinic
    4. Weekly online checkups to keep treatment on track and dental health in check.


    With less physical in-clinic appointments, adults are free to be adults and save time to focus on your busy routine. How is this possible? It’s part of the MyBracesClinic magic!


    As a braces specialist, Dr Poon has the privilege to do what she loves every day. Meeting patients, understanding their concerns, formulating treatment plans together, Dr Poon believes that each patient is unique and deserves best personalized orthodontic treatment.

    Dr Poon graduated with an Orthodontic Masters degree under a scholarship at the National University of Singapore (NUS) with dual accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. Her attitude of excellence earned her a Distinction and place on the Dean’s List.

    In recognition of her experience practicing Invisalign since 2007, aside keeping her rapport as Invisalign Diamond provider for 3 consecutive years, Dr Poon is honored to be an International Invisalign Speaker and member of the Invisalign APAC faculty.



    Dr Chong is passionate about creating beautiful smiles. She is committed to improving facial and dental aesthetics safely and effectively. She is a certified provider in both Invisalign and Incognito and has clinical experience in growth modification and interceptive treatment for children, and clear aligner treatment for adults.

    Her passion in orthodontics and smile transformation led her to pursue a three-year full-time orthodontic specialist postgraduate program. Dr Chong obtained her Masters in Orthodontics degree with honours from the University of Sydney and dual accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.

    She has received numerous prestigious awards including:

    • The Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons Prize
    • GC International Faculty Research Award for the most outstanding honours research
    • The Edmond Charles Gates Memorial Prize for proficiency in Orthodontics
    • The Rudolf Gunz Medal for clinical proficiency
    • Noel Martin Memorial Prize
    • Medfin Prize

    Dr Chong has even published an article regarding facial aesthetics in the international and respected journal, “The Angle Orthodontist.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Based on 3D image of your teeth, our Specialist Orthodontist will design a series of invisible removable aligners to gradually straighten and align your teeth by wearing it 20+ hours daily.


    The treatment process depends on patient's dental health and bite issues. Generally, active Orthodontic treatment requires 18 to 24 months to complete.

    Rest assured that your smile is in safe hands with our Specialist Orthodontist. Dr Poon has more than 12 years of Invisalign experience. She is a certified Diamond Provider. Her expertise trains other dentists in the Invisalign system and she lectures at local and international conferences. The complexity of your dental health, teeth issues and length time needed to solve your bite problems are also factors affecting cost.


    We believe in keeping treatment within reach. Two arch Invisalign treatment starts from $5,100 and can be further divided into interest-free instalments. Speak to us to learn more.

    Under Ministry of Health regulations, orthodontic treatment is not CHAS & Medisave claimable.

    However surgical dental treatments may be claimable under Medisave procedures, e.g. wisdom tooth surgery & dental implant surgery.

    CDA or Baby Bonus card CAN be used for orthodontic and dental treatment. Speak to us to learn more.

    At the beginning of your Invisalign journey, physical clinic appointments will be 3 and 6 weeks time. Subsequently, our Specialist Orthodontist will monitor your treatment progress conveniently for you via mobile apps. Appointment intervals can be as long as 6 months! Saving you precious time and energy.

    Dr Poon's oldest invisalign patient was 80 years old at the start of treatment! Treatment was short, focused on correcting her bite so that she can enjoy food once again. This proves that you are never too old to smile again.

    We want our patients to enjoy their Invisalign journey, therefore our Invisalign treatment are designed with low force levels and evenly distributed. It is normal to feel tight for the first few days of wearing new aligners. This tightness quickly disappears with 20+hours of daily wear.

    More enquiries? Speak to us!

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