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Invisalign for Kids

Invisalign Teen Sports

Invisalign for kids is a clear, removable, medical-grade orthodontic appliance that applies gentle forces to teeth.

For successful Invisalign treatment for kids, it is important to wear Invisalign Aligners correctly AND 20+hours, everyday.


Kids and Parents love Invisalign for kids because:

  • Light and gentle forces
  • No visible metal! Preserves young teen’s self-esteem
  • Super Easy to clean their teeth
  • Less risk of braces decay
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great for sporty kids (less risk of cheek and gum trauma)
  • Great for kids who play wind instruments
  • Fewer appointments needed
  • No braces ulcers
  • Nothing to poke/scratch the lips and tongue
  • No emergency appointments to deal with broken braces
  • Speech is hardly affected (Remove aligners for oral exams!)
  • Eat as per normal
  • Easy to follow Invisalign treatment sequence
  • Invisalign lab fee has a 5-year coverage

Indications for Invisalign for kids:

  • Arch expansion to gain space for crooked teeth
  • Correction of crossbites
  • Regain space for adult teeth that lost from early loss of baby teeth
  • Close spaces
  • Straighten teeth
  • Correction of open bites
  • Correction of deep bites
  • Aid correction of thumb sucking and pacific sucking
  • Dentofacial Orthopedics with the latest Invisalign Teen with Mandibular Advancement Feature.


Invisalign Teen with Mandibular Advancement Feature


When a child has a short lower jaw, and has active growth potential, Orthodontists use Functional Appliance to manipulate jaw growth to correct the short jaw.
Invisalign Teen with Mandibular Advancement Feature combines the science of Functional Appliances for orofacial orthopedic correction with modern aligner therapy of clear, removable aligners to move teeth at the same time.
This is Invisalign’s latest contribution to the evolution of the modern braces system.Traditional removable Functional Appliances have been bulky, awkward appliances with limited ability to move teeth at the same time as redirecting jaw growth for orofacial orthopedic correction. Often treatment is split into 2 parts and take longer.Traditional fixed Functional Appliances do not give patients the freedom to remove the appliance for brushing teeth and eating is often affected. Plus, there is a high risk of breakages and dislodgement. If you think your child’s compliance with Invisalign Aligner wear might be iffy, then fixed braces (though bulkier) maybe more practical. Talk to us to find out if your child is suitable for Invisalign for Teens and Kids.

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