Jaw Surgery: Is it the Right Choice for You?

4 May 2022

Is Jaw Surgery The Right Choice for You


Written by: Dr Poon 


Do you experience difficulty chewing and swallowing your food? Is your breathing irregular while you are sleeping? Does your jaw often feel pain? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it might be a sign for you to visit your orthodontic clinic in Singapore and see if jaw surgery is an option for you


It is important to conduct proper research and understand the different aspects of jaw surgery as much as possible before making a decision. At MyBracesClinic, we believe that jaw surgery comes hand in hand with orthodontics to deliver the ideal results. Therefore, this article will help you to understand better about orthodontics and jaw surgery before coming for Orthognathic consultation.


When to start Considering Orthodontic Treatment and Jaw Surgery


Jaw surgery in Singapore, also known as orthognathic surgery, realigns the jaws and teeth to improve their function by correcting irregularities in the jawbones. It may also improve facial aesthetics. If orthodontics alone are not enough to correct your jaw problems, jaw surgery might be the next option. Jaw surgeries are performed by an oral or maxillofacial surgeon working alongside an orthodontist. Here are several reasons why orthodontics and jaw surgery may be recommended.


1. Improper Bites 

Overbite, Underbite, Severe Crossbite, and Open bite


Typically there are four types of improper bites – overbite, underbite, crossbite and open bite. An overbite occurs when the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth. In contrast, an underbite occurs when the lower teeth protrude beyond the upper. A cross bite is where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth and an open bite refers to a gap present between the top and bottom teeth when the mouth is fully closed. 


These improper bites are caused by misaligned teeth and can result in difficulty chewing and swallowing due to lack of muscle support. Pain from overworked muscles can manifest as migraine headaches, earaches, muscle tenderness, and jaw pain along with other symptoms caused by an unbalanced bite. With both orthodontics and jaw surgery, teeth are better aligned to correct these improper bites and improve overall quality of life. 


2. Asymmetrical Jawline 


Jaw Surgery Aids Asymmetrical Jawline


Also referred to as a misaligned jaw, an asymmetrical jawline is a condition in which the chin is uneven with the rest of the face. The result is that some bones develop more than others when the upper and lower jaws are out of alignment. In some cases, this condition can cause pain and speech problems. Orthodontics and jaw surgery together, can help aid these issues. However, though a protruding, receding or asymmetrical jawline may be apparent from a young age, it is advisable to wait until adulthood when the jaw has finished developing. In the meantime, children can opt for braces or retainers.


Jaw Tumours and Cysts   

Jaw tumours and cysts, varying in size and severity, are relatively rare growths or lesions that develop in the jawbone or the soft tissues in the mouth and face. Though usually non-cancerous, they can still be aggressive and invade the surrounding bone and tissue, which may displace teeth. There are different types of cysts that result from different causes. For example, the dentigerous cyst is one of the most common forms of cyst that impacts the jaws. It originates from tissue that surrounds a tooth before it erupts into the mouth. These cysts tend to develop around wisdom teeth that have not fully erupted, although they can also develop elsewhere in the mouth. To prevent malocclusions, deformities and other problems, it may be necessary to get orthodontic treatment, then jaw surgery to remove them and reduce the possibilities of a recurrence.  


Benefits of Jaw Surgery 


Benefits Of Jaw Surgery


With a better idea of when one might require orthodontics together with jaw surgery in Singapore, we discover how well these two procedures complement each other to ​​correct bite and facial malocclusion to improve overall quality of life. 


Easy Chewing and Swallowing  

When the jaw is realigned, the teeth are able to bite together optimally. As a result, chewing becomes easier, and you may be able to eat foods that you previously could not eat. Digestive health also becomes better from improved chewing.


Better Night’s Sleep

A misaligned jaw can cause sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder whereby a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. They can stop breathing repeatedly, sometimes hundreds of times throughout the night. As orthodontics and jaw surgery combined corrects misaligned jaws, it can reduce your risks of sleep apnea to enhance your sleep cycle for a good night’s rest.


Improved Speech 

Speaking correctly can be affected by the alignment of your mouth and teeth. When your jaws are misaligned, it becomes difficult to speak and pronounce words properly. Orthodontics and Jaw surgery has been shown to improve speech capabilities, empowering greater confidence and assuredness in communication. 


Enhanced Appearance 

Beyond the rehabilitation of oral functions, orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery can also lead to an improved facial appearance, from rectifying crooked chins to enhancing the overall profile of the lower face. Studies have shown that many revelled in newfound confidence after orthodontic treatment and jaw surgery.   


Ultimately, there are many reasons and benefits of getting orthodontic treatment together with jaw surgery. The most important questions to consider are whether your teeth or jaw structure negatively impacts the quality of your life and if orthodontics alone can treat these problems. Sometimes, you may have noticed that your young kid may have a short jaw. Get them screened by a specialist Orthodontist as early as 7 years. Interceptive Orthodontics and Growth modification may nip the problem at its early stage. Take action early and you will have plenty of time to plan and prepare your kids and your family. For young children, we may be able to avoid jaw surgery if it is timed properly with growth modification treatment. Moderate to severe cases may need short jaw surgery.


MyBracesClinic is an orthodontic clinic in Singapore with knowledge in jaw surgery and a range of orthodontic treatment solutions. Book a consultation with us today!


Dr Poon Kee Hwang

Dr Poon Kee Hwang

Dental Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Poon has been practising Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces since 2007. She is currently an Invisalign Diamond Provider and an International Invisalign Speaker and member of the Invisalign APAC faculty.

This is in recognition of her experience, expertise and in-depth understanding of the Invisalign System, which she uses to treat a diverse range of malocclusions from kids to adults and even Surgery-First cases.

Read more about her.


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