7 Health Benefits of Wearing Braces

6 August 2021

A perfect smile with braces treatment


Often the first thing that comes to mind when people think of braces is a better-looking smile. Indeed, braces straighten your teeth to give you that extra boost of confidence, but they also provide many other health benefits too. Check out these 7 health benefits of getting a  braces treatment in Singapore!


1. Improves oral health 


Crooked teeth make it much harder for you to clean between your teeth thoroughly. Your teeth overlap one another and create tight spaces that are difficult to reach, often trapping food particles and causing plaque to build up. As a result, built-up plaque increases bacteria growth and eventually leads to tooth decay and gum disease. 


Having said that, dental braces straighten your teeth and allow you to clean spots that were previously difficult to reach. You can clean, brush, floss your teeth more easily, better maintain clean teeth and gums that will improve your oral health!


2. Greater comfort




There are many types of misaligned teeth, like crossbite, overbite, underbite, and open bite. With misaligned teeth, you’ll tend to accidentally bite down on your inner cheeks and tongue, or experience discomfort when you chew your food. Your jaw will also often feel tired and sore from having to compensate for your teeth’s misalignment. 


Teeth Misalignment


Braces adjust misaligned teeth so that they rest nicely and naturally over each other, making it easier for you to chew your food. It also takes the pressure off your jaws even when they are in a resting position, allowing you to experience greater comfort at all times!


3. Aids digestive health


Did you know that having misaligned or crooked teeth can make it difficult to properly chew your food, negatively affecting your digestive health? That’s because chewing your food well helps your stomach to break it down better for improved digestion. 


With straightened teeth, you will likely find that it is easier to chew your food properly and experience better digestion overall! 


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4. Helps with speech difficulty


Misaligned teeth can lead to lisping, as your mispositioned teeth restrict your tongue only to certain positions in your mouth. This makes it hard for you to pronounce your words well. 


Your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth’s misalignment in your very first dental braces consultation and design your treatment so that your teeth are adjusted into an ideal position. This creates a healthy bite and gets rid of speech difficulties that are related to the way your teeth are positioned!


5. Reduces the risk of damaged teeth


Your misaligned teeth do not only make things difficult because they do not meet; they also cause discomfort at places where they come into contact with one another. As your teeth do not rest nicely over each other, they can cause extra pressure on your teeth and jaw at places where the top and bottom teeth overlap, resulting in soreness and discomfort. Plus, the grinding of your teeth might cause the erosion of the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to damage and other serious problems like tooth decay. 


That being the case, dental braces reposition your teeth so that they rest in a healthy position in your mouth, preventing grinding and protecting your teeth. 


6. Boosts self-esteem


Last but not least, you will get to enjoy your perfectly straightened teeth and ideal smile! With your post-braces teeth helping you both look and feel better, you’ll get that extra boost of confidence to get you feeling great throughout the day. 


Perfect Smile with braces treatment in Singapore Boost Confidence


All in all


Wearing braces adjusts your teeth to help you feel better and enjoy better health in the long-term. Look good, stay healthy, and feel great when you straighten your teeth with a good orthodontist! 


Should you be unsure about whether braces are right for you, simply arrange a consultation with My Braces Clinic’s expert team of orthodontists in Singapore so that they can give you an accurate review of your teeth’s condition as well as help you understand the treatment plans and prices that you can explore with them. 


It’s easy, just book an appointment, head on down to our dental clinic, and find out what works best for you. Get in touch with us, today!


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