Everything You Need to Know about Ceramic Braces

30 July 2021

Ceramic braces consist of white, tooth-coloured or clear brackets that are made out of ceramic, fixed onto the surface of your teeth. Since ceramic brackets blend in easily with teeth, ceramic braces work well as an ‘invisible’ teeth-adjustment option, popular with university students and working adults in Singapore.  


Heard of ceramic braces? Still, you might have missed out on the two types of ceramic braces treatments that are available in Singapore! The first is similar to traditional braces, consisting of ceramic brackets (instead of metal ones), rubber bands, and wires that are tightened regularly; the second is Damon self-ligating ceramic braces, which uses a different type of bracket technology. Damon ceramic braces use clear ceramic brackets, but these brackets have spring-loaded ‘gates’ to hold the archwire in place. The technology encourages teeth to shift into place more naturally, requiring fewer adjustments at the clinic throughout your treatment. 


To help you decide whether either ceramic braces are right for you, let us first share 4 things you need to know about them! 




Unlike metal braces that appear in full-metallic colour, traditional ceramic braces’ every component can be customised to blend in with your teeth for the most invisible look possible. Apart from the ceramic brackets that are available in white and other tooth-coloured shades, archwires also come in silver, white and frosted. You can also opt for  white or cream coloured rubber bands (that hold the wire to each bracket), so that your braces look super sleek and subtle. 


Damon ceramic braces, better still, have clear brackets that are even less noticeable for a natural everyday look! 


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In general, ceramic braces are known to be easier on your gums and cheeks because they are less abrasive than metal ones. Traditional ceramic braces or Damon ones,  are likely to feel more comfortable than metal braces. Better yet, due to the technology of Damon self-ligating braces, Damon braces provide a smoother experience for the wearer, putting less pressure on the teeth and creating less resistance. 


If we had to rank for comfort, Damon ceramic braces  would be the most comfortable, traditional ceramic as second most preferred, and traditional metal last. 





Ceramic is a very stiff and strong material, which makes ceramic braces durable for use. You don’t have to fear that they will need added maintenance or wear out during treatment. In fact, they are difficult to damage and should last you throughout your treatment, just like metal braces. 


While ceramic braces are durable, they don’t do well if they are exposed to high pressure over long periods. This makes them less suitable for patients who have more complicated teeth or jaw problems and require extensive treatment. For such cases, your orthodontist will likely recommend traditional metal braces instead. 




The perks of ceramic braces have to be weighed against their cost. Damon ceramic braces cost starting from $6,000 at our orthodontic clinic in Singapore, while traditional metal braces cost starting from $4,000. 


Compared to other ‘invisible’ braces options, however, Damon ceramic braces are the most affordable, with incognito lingual braces costing from $14,000 and Invisalign clear aligners starting from almost $7,000. 


Should an ‘invisible’ braces treatment be your most desired way to adjust your teeth, talk to your orthodontist about ceramic braces and whether it is a suitable option for you. You should know that ceramic braces are an effective treatment method, but they aren’t right for everyone. Ultimately, work out your treatment plan with your orthodontist during your first consultation before making a best-informed choice! 


My Braces Clinic is an orthodontic clinic in Singapore that specialises in various types of braces treatment, including Damon ceramic braces. Book a consultation with our experienced orthodontists to get your braces journey started! 


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