5 facts you should know about self-ligating braces

7 September 2020

Braces braces braces! There are so many different types of dental braces to get your teeth straightened, so how do you know which is the best for you?

Brace yourself. Here, we tell you all you need to know about the increasingly popular self-ligating dental braces in Singapore!


What are self-ligating braces?

For self-ligating braces, each brace bracket (either metal or ceramic) has tiny spring-loaded gates that close gently around the arch wire, holding the wire’s structure around the teeth.

This technology is different from the traditional braces type which holds the arch wire using elastic bands or ligatures tied around each metal bracket.


Conventional Metal Braces Vs Damon Metal Braces


Self-ligating dental braces have become more popular in Singapore in the past decade, but they are not new—having existed as a trusted braces technology since the 1930s. As with other braces types, there are many brands of self-ligating braces, but the most well-known is the Damon dental braces.

Damon Braces System is the most popular and reliable self-ligating braces brand in Singapore, which explains why people refer to both terms interchangeably, like how one might refer to a search on the internet as a Google— “let me Google that”. “Tell me all I need to know about Damon braces!”

If you’re trying to make a decision on what braces best suits you, these are some considerations you can keep in mind about Damon dental braces:


1. Less obvious in appearance

Damon braces look more delicate because they do not require rubber bands to hold the archwire around each bracket—unlike traditional braces. Traditional braces work by using rubber bands (usually colourful) secured around each metal bracket, to hold the archwire in place. As Damon self-ligating braces already hold the archwire using the brackets’ small gates, they do not require rubber bands to work. Damon braces are small size and rounded-edged, giving a more seamless, discreet look.


Woman with Damon Clear Ceramic Braces


If you prefer a more natural look, self-ligating braces fare better than traditional braces. Of course, you could go with white rubber bands in traditional braces, you will still see the metal brackets on your teeth. Self-ligating Damon clear ceramic. braces are tooth coloured and blend in with the teeth, creating an even more ‘invisible’ look. But you will need a little control over what you eat, especially coloured foods like curry,  coffee, red wine and bolognese. Over the time, the ceramic bracket will slightly get discoloured and yellow.


2. More comfortable

Damon self-ligating braces’ technology creates less friction and resistance and is usually more comfortable for the wearer.

At the beginning of treatment, the Orthodontist uses thin, soft, elastics wires to start teeth movement. Together with the Damon braces passively holding the wires in place, this creates a gentle, continuous pressure to move teeth fast, effectively and with as little pain as possible.

This certainly provides a more comfortable and pleasurable experience for the person wearing the self-ligating Damon Braces System.


3. Shorter and fewer trips to the dentist

The gate technology of Damon braces makes adjustments easy! With each trip to the dentist, the orthodontist will make adjustments to your braces simply by opening the bracket gates and adjusting the archwire.

Damon Metal Bracket Gate Mechanism

The adjustment process is a lot quicker compared to traditional braces, where all rubber bands have to be removed for the wire to be shifted, and then new rubber bands replaced around each bracket.

Oftentimes the entire length of treatment for self-ligating braces can be quicker than traditional braces. The Damon “lock” mechanism holds teeth in place while teeth with traditional braces  will slightly move back as the coloured elastic bands get loosen over the time before next braces adjustment. Your appointments will likely be more regular compared to traditional braces that are sometimes more frequent due to  bracket loose or elastic bands snapped.


4. Easier to take care

With Damon braces, you can worry less about stuck food between your teeth!

Traditional braces usually trap food around their elastic tie or ligatures, needing the wearer to carefully brush and take care of their teeth after each meal. Self-ligating braces are easier to maintain because there is no elastic tie around each bracket, saving the wearer brushing and teeth-picking time (yes, we know it needs to be done sometimes). The Damon self-ligating braces are also smaller and rounded-edge and do not trap food as easily.


5. Costs more

Damon self-ligating braces are a more advanced technology than traditional braces and require a more difficult and delicate manufacturing process.So it is no surprise that they cost more. Self-ligating braces cost about $5,700 to $6,900 compared to traditional dental braces that cost about $4,700 to $6,100 in Singapore.

Overall, Damon braces have many benefits, but you should ultimately trust the professional advice of your orthodontist to guide you on  the type of dental braces that is most suitable for your bite correction and lifestyle. 

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