How much does the Tooth Fairy give for a baby tooth?

29 January 2019


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Do you know how much the Tooth Fairy gives for a baby tooth? Must it be money? What to do once your child loses a baby tooth?

MyBracesClinic is the official  Liaison Officer for the World Federation of Tooth Fairies, assisting to disseminate vital information regarding the protocol to follow once a baby tooth is on hand (literally).


How to Clean a Baby Tooth for Tooth Fairy Collection:


Tooth Fairies are very particular with hygiene and all baby teeth on hand needs a little tender loving processing before Tooth Fairy Collection.

Step 1: Clean the baby tooth with water and a little soap/ Jif cleaner (or equivalent) over the sink and REMEMBER to cover the drain of the sink (accidents can happen with slippery baby teeth!). Aim to remove blood stains, food debris, plaque and stains.

Step 2 (optional):  Soak in undiluted home cleaning bleach for ~10-15minutes.

Step 3: Dry it with tissue.

Step 4: Wrap in tissue paper and place under the pillow, just under the corner of the pillow.

We have gotten feedback that placing the baby tooth right in the middle of the pillow makes it harder to remove the treasure at night without waking the brave little donor sleeping right over it.


Let’s do it Together!


It is great fun and exciting for your child to participate in prepping the baby tooth for Tooth Fairy Collection.

  • This is the perfect time to shower your child with compliments if the baby tooth is clean, with minimal stains and decay-free.

  • If the baby tooth’s condition is far from ideal, this is the time to show your child which areas they are missing during tooth-brushing as they can literally see the whole tooth!

  • Discuss about the shape of the baby tooth and introduce them to dental words like: incisors (front teeth), canines (corner ‘dracula’/ ‘tiger’ teeth) and molars (chompers at the back).

  • Explain that incisors are for cutting food and the shape of it makes the incisors good scissors. Molars are broad and big, perfect for grinding and mashing up food to smaller pieces for easy swallowing.

This is also the best time to talk to your child about the next important topic: Tooth Fairy Valuation of Baby Teeth.


Tooth Fairy Valuation of Baby Teeth

World Federation of Tooth Fairies is a large organization comprising of Tooth Fairies from different countries. As such, their styles of delivery and languages can be different but one thing remains the same:

Tooth Fairies pick up clean baby teeth that have been lost, sprinkle them with Fairy Dust and get them ready to be placed in new babies yet to be born.

In exchange, Tooth Fairies leave behind a token of Thank you which can range from money to small gifts. 

Important notes regarding Tooth Fairy Collection of Baby Teeth:


  • Tooth Fairies reserve the right to reject very dirty, decayed and/or smelly baby teeth. (New babies would not like yucky teeth, you see.)  Such damaged teeth will be rejected/ left behind, with or without a ‘Note of Encouragement from Tooth Fairy‘ (click to download) to clean teeth better.

  • Tooth Fairies often vary the value of their Rewards. Example: small front teeth may be of a smaller monetary denomination than the larger back molars. Though there has been a large inflation rate throughout the human world, Tooth Fairies would like to remind all humans that this Does Not apply to Tooth Fairy Rewards (We love to give coins! )

  • There has been a growing #GiveGiftsNotMoney trend in the Tooth Fairy community with the gifting of small books of stickers, storybooks, cards etc as rewards instead of money. Interesting trend to ponder!


We do hope that you find this information useful regarding Tooth Fairy beliefs, protocols and practice.

Should you require any assistance or would like to understand more about how to get your child’s teeth clean and healthy, please contact us! We would be happy to help.


Yours Sincerely,

Dr Poon Kee Hwang, Dr Lee Leing, Ms Hazel and your #SmileTeam

Liaison Officers for The World Federation of Tooth Fairies


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