Invisalign First for Kids- Top 5 things you must know about Invisalign’s latest treatment

25 July 2019

Invisalign First for Kids

1.  Why bother correcting teeth position in kids?

Kids with dental development problems often need dental arch expansion to gain space to solve urgent dental malpositions. If left untreated, these problems will later snowball into worse issues that are more complicated, more painful and take longer to resolve.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids be screened by an Orthodontist by age 7 to guide dental and face development in Children. Read more about Interceptive Braces for Kids here.

2. Why use Invisalign First for kids?

Traditional, removable orthodontic/ orthopedic devices for kids are often big, bulky and difficult to keep in the mouth. It’s like having trying to hold a potato in the mouth! This causes kids to gag, speak poorly and drool! This is a big reason for giving up early because traditional treatment is uncomfortable.

Check out Invisalign First for kids, where children get to enjoy the same premium orthodontic experience as Invisalign teens and adults.

Invisalign First is designed to work for kids from 6-7 years old, with the adult first molars and central incisors.

3. What can Invisalign First correct? 

  • Narrow, constricted arches
  • Arch development
  • Create space
  • Straighten and align teeth
  • Close gaps/ spaces
  • Hold space for future erupting teeth
  • Habit breakers
  • Reduce overbite/ protruding front teeth
  • Correct underbite
  • Guide jaw growth
  • Reduce the need for future extractions

4. What makes Invisalign First for Kids awesome? 

Invisalign First Grows with the patient.

Using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Invisalign has unique eruption tabs designed to give space for future erupting teeth. New attachment features also adjust and resize to optimally fit available tooth surface in a growing child.

Invisalign Eruption Tab

Invisalign First treatment is designed for predictable arch expansion in growing kids.
Using Invisalign’s SmartStage™ technology and staging sequence allows for efficient forces to expand dental arches.

Every Invisalign First case is customisable and uniquely designed for every child’s different needs! Invisalign First offers the flexibility to adapt treatment to suit each case. Bite ramps, Precision cuts, eruption tabs, expansion, distalisation etc… the list goes on!

Invisalign First is comfortable, Custom-fit and snug fitting aligners ensure a good fit from Day 1.

Better speech and no gagging due to the slim profile of the Aligners. 

Enjoy a fresh, clean set of aligners every week for better hygiene and compliance.

Say goodbye to unscheduled emergency visits as there is nothing to break and poke with Invisalign First treatment. 

Invisalign forces levels are low and comfortable to achieve tooth movement.  Each aligner is also thin and smooth which means no scratching of lips or cheeks and no ulcers!

Invisalign kids who sing and play wind instruments have no issues continuing their usual activities. The aligners will not interfere with lip movements.

5. What is the secret to successful Invisalign First treatment?

Success Tip 1: Invisalign First aligners are corrective devices that must be worn to correct dental problems. Aligners left on the dining table,  in the school bag or in the toilet will achieve zero results.

Compliance with correct wearing of aligners for 20+ hours a day is the key to Invisalign First success. Parents+Patients+Orthodontist need to work as a Team to achieve correction of the smile and bite in kids.

Success Tip 2: Choose your Orthodontic care provider carefully. Work with someone who is experienced and trained well in the field of Invisalign Orthodontics. Look for someone who is fun, friendly and relates well to kids too! Ask your friends for recommendations and check out the Association of Orthodontist Website for details.

To give your Child the Invisalign Advantage or to learn more about the various treatment strategies available for your Child’s unique dental problems, give MyBracesClinic a call at +6567379797 or Click here for an appointment Today.

Specialist in Orthodontics

Written by:
Dr POON Kee Hwang @mybracesclinic

BDS (S’pore)
MDS Orthodontics (S’pore)
FAM (S’pore)
M Orth RCS (Edinburgh)
Specialist in Orthodontics

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