Top 5 reasons why Teens should get Invisalign instead of Fixed Braces

14 June 2019

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Here are the Top 5 reasons why Teens should get Invisalign instead of Fixed Braces.


When Shawn and his parents came to discuss getting braces to fix his overbite and crooked teeth, Shawn had a look on his face that screamed, ‘Just shoot me now….’ He sat sullen and moody.

After some coaxing, Shawn shared, ‘yeah, I don’t like my teeth but I don’t want metal braces. I heard it’s painful and troublesome. Do I really need to remove my teeth for braces?’

Shawn and his parents were happy (and relieved) to hear that like an increasing number of teen patients, he can use Invisalign instead of Fixed Braces.


1. Invisalign helps to AVOID teeth extraction

Invisalign is good for spreading teeth outwards and sideways to gain space for crooked teeth. By moving teeth into a broader arc, space is created for straightening out mild-moderate crooked teeth. This is Arch Expansion.

In addition, Invisalign can also create space through Distalization, which is the method of moving molars and premolar teeth backwards and transferring this space to the front area to reduce overbites and straighten teeth.

Combining these 2 powerful biomechanics with other tricks up an Orthodontist’s sleeve, Invisalign helps us to AVOID tooth extractions.

2. SAVES time

Invisalign treatment consists of thin, flexible, smooth, clear aligner trays. There are no brackets that break, no wires that poke out. Parents do NOT need to scramble to find time to bring their kids for such unscheduled appointments.

No more emergency visits after accidentally biting on (Un)popcorn kernels while watching a movie!

Invisalign treatment Begins with the End in mind, where every step is planned for.

Invisalign treatment involves creating the ideal smile and bite, then reverse engineering each step into a series of aligner trays. Whereas fixed braces treatment needs to be nudged forward monthly to reach the final goal and to manage long, poky wires. Therefore, Invisalign treatment has longer intervals between appointments, ranging from 6 -12 weeks versus the monthly visits for fixed braces. These longer Invisalign time intervals are very beneficial during exam times and long holidays.

Teens with overseas studies can combine Invisalign with Dental Monitoring, for safe, long-distance treatment.

At MyBracesClinic, we have teens who are studying or based in Vancouver, Australia, Vietnam, India, China and Indonesia who continue to have their teeth corrected with Invisalign and have MyBracesClinic’s SmileTeam keeping watch on their treatment progress from Singapore via Dental Monitoring.

3. Less Painful and Safer

With Invisalign treatment, the forces levels are low and comfortable. Tooth movement can also be controlled in such a way that one or groups of teeth can be ‘switched off’ or not moved whilst other teeth are moving.

Imagine if you have crooked teeth and the upper canine (‘Dracula’ tooth) is high up, just below the upper lip. It is already pressing against the upper lip and now there is going to be a metal bracket on top of that?! Imagine how scratchy that would be and the ulcers that would cause! With Invisalign’s thin and smooth surface doesn’t scratch. Grabbing that high upper canine with Invisalign is so much more comfortable for the upper lip.

Sporty Invisalign teens can play games freely as there is no risk of lip scratches from an accidental elbow to the mouth. If you’re wearing metal braces and get hit by a ball on the mouth, the damage (and pain) will certainly be greater!

Musically-gifted Invisalign teens are free to sing and play wind instruments. No more sore lips and poor articulation. Oral or singing examination? No problem! Just remove the aligners for that important event then slip Invisalign clear aligners back on.

4. Clean Better for healthier teeth and gums

Teeth that are crooked and overlapping are already hard to clean as it is! Add on a jungle of metal brackets and wires that are stuck on, brushing becomes a real challenge and an arsenal of brushing and flossing aids needs to be deployed. Therefore it is no surprise that Orthodontists show scary pictures of ‘Braces-Decay’ to drive home the point that oral hygiene is very important with fixed braces. Unfortunately, these decay scars around braces are permanent, even when the braces are removed.

Oral care with Invisalign is easy! Clear aligners are removable, so oral hygiene is the same as before. Just regular brushing and flossing (or water-flossing). Simple.

5. Eat and be Merry

Teens are a hungry, growing bunch! With fixed braces, you will need to watch what and how you eat as hard, crunchy food can knock out brackets and push wires out of position. This can be painful and you will need to manage this with braces wax till you find time to make an extra trip to see the Orthodontist.

Invisalign gives Teens the freedom to truly enjoy their food without fear of breaking something. Eat what they want, when they want to. Just remove the Invisalign aligners.


This rounds up the Top 5 reasons why Teens (and Parents) prefer Invisalign treatment over conventional fixed braces. It’s no wonder that the 6th Million Invisalign smile belongs to a Teen. Learn about 12-year-old Yuzhe Wang’s Invisalign Teen experience from her and her parents here.

In this Knowledge era with smartphones and 5G networks, Orthodontics has entered the 4th Industrial Revolution with Invisalign!

To give your Teen the Invisalign Advantage or to learn more about the various treatment options available for your Teen, give MyBracesClinic a call at +6567379797 or Click here for an appointment Today.

dr poon kee hwang

Written by:
Dr POON Kee Hwang @mybracesclinic

BDS (S’pore)
MDS Orthodontics (S’pore)
FAM (S’pore)
M Orth RCS (Edinburgh)
Specialist in Orthodontics

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