Signs that You or Your Child Needs Braces

15 February 2021

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Telltale Signs that You or Your Child Need Braces

“Get that perfect, straight-teethed smile!” Dental braces are commonly thought to be used for aesthetics – a look-good, feel-good solution for your teeth. Indeed, braces do help to achieve a great smile, but they also do more than that – they help you keep your set of whites healthy and protected.

Overcrowded teeth, for instance, are difficult to clean – and the food trapped between teeth will cause a buildup of plaque and problems like cavities, gum diseases and tooth decay. Misaligned teeth, like an overbite or underbite, cause tension and soreness in your jaws. For the good health of you and your children, it is important to consider whether or not braces are necessary to keep your teeth strong and healthy in the long run!


Signs that you need braces

Dental braces are just as suitable for adults as they are for teens or children. Today, there are many types of braces to help adults achieve a healthy smile in the most invisible way possible – like invisible clear aligners (Invisalign), ceramic Damon self-ligating braces, and incognito lingual braces.


signs that you need braces


Additionally, periodontal disease, the infection of tissues or gum surrounding the teeth, is one of the most major causes of tooth loss in adults in Singapore over 30 and is related to the overcrowding of teeth. So, if you experience any of these symptoms below, you may want to consider booking a braces consultation with your trusted orthodontist:


  1. Teeth are visibly crooked or crowded 
  2. Tongue gets frequently cut by your teeth
  3. You frequently bite your cheek
  4. Have trouble flossing between your teeth or find it difficult to brush between overlapping teeth
  5. Upper and lower teeth are misaligned when your mouth is relaxed  
  6. Have a lisp or have difficulty pronouncing certain words due to the arrangement of your teeth 
  7. Experience stress on your jawline when or after you chew your food 
  8. Have bad breath, even after brushing and flossing


Signs that your child needs braces

Children’s jaws are still growing and teeth are still adjusting, so it is harder to notice if they require braces treatment. However, if you or your spouse has a short or long lower jaw, missing teeth or crooked face, there is a possibility for your kid to inherit it. The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children consult an Orthodontist from age 7 for dental and facial assessment – and the orthodontist will be able to provide a professional opinion on whether braces are needed for your child.


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These are some signs that may indicate that your child requires braces:

  1. Has difficulty chewing or biting 
  2. Breathes through his mouth 
  3. Sucks thumb or pacifier past age 2 
  4. Teeth are visibly crooked or crowded
  5. Long jaw with an underbite
  6. Narrow or small dental arches
  7. Early or late loss of baby teeth


Getting braces early  is beneficial because it improves the outcome of the treatment for the individual. Early Intervention does not mean that your children do not need braces in the future, it’s to simplify future treatment and improve dental health and self-esteem. Treatment may involve interceptive braces and ‘growth braces’ that modify facial growth that can help to prevent jaw surgery if implemented at the right age.

Many children have to wait until they’re adults to undergo corrective jaw surgery with braces because they miss the right growth window for Dentofacial-Orthopaedics treatment.

If your children miss the right growth window, she or he will need to wait until they’re adults to undergo corrective jaw surgery with braces.

Braces are not merely a luxury investment towards achieving a beautiful smile, they are also a necessary solution to overcrowded and misaligned teeth. Protect you and your family’s dental health by arranging a braces consultation with an orthodontist!

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