Are You Too Old for Braces? How is Adult Treatment Different?

24 April 2023

Are You Too Old for Braces How is Adult Treatment Different


Wearing braces in Singapore is often associated with the awkward phase around adolescence. Usually by that time, most teenagers will have all their adult teeth in and can begin correcting misaligned, crooked, or an overcrowded mouth. That’s where braces come in to help set that beautifully aligned smile.

However, if you missed out on the chance to wear braces in your teen years, fret not. Even adults can benefit from wearing orthodontic braces to fix any dental issues they may be having. There are a few caveats to keep in mind before you decide to visit your dentist, so read on to find out more about adult braces treatment and its pros and cons.


Is it less ideal to get braces as an adult?


Technically speaking, yes. Dental braces do work better and faster for children and teenagers because their jawbones are still growing. But human teeth continue to move and shift throughout our lives, so braces are always an option. 

Adults can consider getting the Damon self-ligating braces which are easier to maintain, less obvious in appearance, and require shorter, fewer trips to the dentist. Or alternatively, they can spring for lingual braces which provide a natural appearance as the braces are hidden behind the teeth and are generally not visible. This combination of effective treatment and remaining hidden is what makes lingual braces favoured among university students and adults. Do note that lingual braces is considered one of most expensive forms of braces treatment.

There are also a few distinct advantages to getting braces as an adult. They include reducing the risk of other dental issues, stronger jaw bones, and increased maturity.


Dentist Appointment for Braces in Singapore


Reducing risk of future dental problems


Although many people think of getting braces as an aesthetic treatment, it actually has clear dental health benefits. Misaligned or crooked teeth can cause chewing, and swallowing issues over a long period of time. They can also lead to uneven wear on your teeth resulting in pain in your jaw, face, and difficulty closing your mouth correctly.

It can also be harder to clean your teeth effectively with misaligned teeth. This can lead to bacterial build-up which causes bad breath, plaque, and other serious dental issues. Having orthodontic braces help set your teeth properly and mitigate these issues that come with age.


Braces in Singapore Using a Dental Floss


Increased Maturity


Adults don’t reach full maturity until they are in their twenties. With maturity comes a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of dental hygiene. This means better brushing habits and greater knowledge of teeth and braces maintenance such as avoiding hard and crunchy foods to prevent their braces from coming loose.

Adults also tend to be more patient over the course of the orthodontic braces treatment and will do their utmost to make the treatment more successful. So are you an adult despairing over wearing braces? While children and teenagers may see quicker benefits from wearing braces, there are several advantages in getting braces and also different types of braces for adults to consider getting. 

It is never too late to start improving your dental health and self-confidence. The experience, maturity and wisdom that comes with getting older can help play a part in the success of dental treatments.  


Want to learn more about getting braces in Singapore as an adult? Contact us today with any questions you might have or let us know if you’re interested in coming down for a consultation. Our team will be sure to get back to you soon.


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