How Does Impacted Wisdom Teeth Affect Braces or Invisalign Treatment?

August 31, 2022

  Are your gums swollen, bleeding or tender around your wisdom teeth area? Do you suffer from jaw pain and earache? Do you experience pain around your wisdom teeth when you chew or swallow? If you answer yes to any of these questions then it might be a sign that you have impacted wisdom teeth.... View Article


4 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist at Your First Braces Consultation

August 17, 2022

  Written by: Dr Chong Hui Theng   Getting orthodontic braces can be a big change to your life and requires commitment such as regularly attending your appointments, properly caring for your teeth and managing any discomforts after each tightening session. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what braces entails before deciding if they... View Article


Jaw Surgery: Is it the Right Choice for You?

May 4, 2022

  Written by: Dr Poon    Do you experience difficulty chewing and swallowing your food? Is your breathing irregular while you are sleeping? Does your jaw often feel pain? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then it might be a sign for you to visit your orthodontic clinic in Singapore and... View Article


Here’s how braces can bring out your best facial profile (and it’s research-proven)!

February 11, 2022

Dr Chong has special interest in dental and facial aesthetics and have designed a research to quantify facial attractiveness. The study, published by the Angle Orthodontist, reveals some interesting findings about the way people perceive a beautiful facial profile. What makes a facial profile attractive? Protrusive upper and lower lips, were viewed as less esthetically... View Article


4 Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Braces for Your Little One

December 27, 2021

  Getting orthodontic braces can be an exciting experience for your little one. It is a big decision to ensure that treatment is comfortable, suits their personality and takes school activities into consideration. Today, children are becoming more aware and understanding the value of long-term plans to look nice. As a parent, though cost can... View Article